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Receptivo Alquimista (our hosting services company) has built its brand based on differentiated customer service standards, with respect and concern for social environmental issues. In addition to offering an exclusive and differentiated service, our main objective is to provide the perfect alchemy between our guests and the archipelago’s charm, turning your stay into a unique, special and unforgettable experience.

We offer personalized hosting services, including an introductory mini-tour* of the island and transfer from/to Airport/Inn/Airport by private vehicle, besides land and sea tour options to turn your stay in Fernando de Noronha a customized experience.*Service upon request

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Personalized hosting services

Transfer from/to Airport/Inn/Airport, by private air-conditioned vehicle

Maritime adventures

Free-Diving - Apnea

The waters that surround Fernando de Noronha are very important for their wide variety of marine life forms. The diving site is home to thousands of marine species. To get the most out of your diving experience, you must behave as a guest, at this environment. Take this opportunity to observe, photograph and film, but the species must not be disturbed by your presence. The free-diving activity is supported by specialized guides, using the appropriate equipment, mask, snorkel and diving fins. Level of difficulty: Moderate – Age group: Adult – Duration: 3 hours.

Boat trip

The ALQUIMISTA’s Boat: Capacity for 32 passengers and 3 crew members. Restroom on-board, fresh water shower, ambiance sound, kitchen, barbecue grill, bar service and certified guide service. Boat authorized to navigate within the Parque Nacional Marinho’s (PARNAMAR) area and operated in compliance with the international security norms. It is equipped with safety equipment, communication radio, lifeboats and a support boat with outboard motor. The boat is also equipped with life jackets for children.


Morning and afternoon trips, departing at 8:30 am and 1:00 pm, respectively, with a 3-hour duration. Departing from Porto Santo Antonio, on the main island (Fernando de Noronha), through MAR DE DENTRO (APA AND PARNAMAR), we travel around the archipelago’s secondary islands (Rasa, São José, Sela Gineta, do Meio and Rata islands). Then, we sail towards Ponta da Sapata, where you can sight the map of Brazil and a dolphin’s figure, carved in the rocks, among other carved images your imagination might glimpse. During the trip, we travel along the Cachorro, Meio, Conceição, Boldró, Americano, Bode, Quixabinha, Cacimba do Padre (Morro Dois Irmãos), Baía dos Porcos, Praia do Sancho beaches, and the fantastic Baía dos Golfinhos beach, where the dolphins rest after a late-night hunting trip. During the return trip, we stop for a swim at Praia do Sancho, considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. At the end of the trip, if we are lucky, we can hear the “roaring of the lion” at Forte dos Remédios.

Tow Diving

The passenger holds a surfing board towed by a motor boat, as if he/she was “flying above the sea”.

Scuba Diving or Baptism Diving

Diving with a scuba diving tank to a 10 to 12m depth, for beginners.

Basic Open Water Course

A four-day International Certification Course, including two lessons on the beach and two boat trips (2 dives per trip). Theoretical lessons, boat, vest, ballast, regulator, cylinders, diving fins and mask.

Land Adventures

Historical Walk

Walk along the island’s historical sites, including stop for a swim.

Ilha Tour

Trip from 8am to SUNSET to the island’s main beaches, by vehicles with a minimum and maximum capacity for 04 and 10 passengers, respectively.

Trail Walking

Trail walking is recommended for those who love walking. All routes include strategic stops for resting or/and diving. Tips: - Avoid carrying excessive weight. During the walk, the excessive weight could bother you very much. - Follow the main trail and don’t take shortcuts. Always leave the flora and fauna undisturbed, in the same way it was before your arrival. - All litter must be bagged and taken to the appropriate site. If possible, bring back the litter left behind by less considerate people. Don’t leave cans, bottles and plastic containers behind. - Try to wear comfortable clothes, more suitable for the activity. - Upon your arrival, bear in mind that: You are the visitor. Try to befriend the locals and respect their customs. They can give you good tips about places to visit, eat, and about something very important: about what you should not do. It is advisable to ask people’s permission before taking their pictures. Fernando de Noronha is one of the best places in Brazil to practice water sports, and also offers the best surfing and body boarding conditions, with waves that attract the greatest surfers in the whole world, every year. Follow a trail with stunning views, get to know the native fauna and flora, learn about the local history, dive into crystal clear waters, and get a closer look at one of the places where Nature is still alive and untouched.